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Hanna Newman is an installation artist who has exhibited at venues including the Ernest G. Welch Galleries (Atlanta, GA), SALA Arts Festival (Adelaide, SA), and Kyoto International Community House (Kyoto, Japan). Newman achieved her MFA in 2021 and is currently a Professor of 3D Art at Middle Georgia State University. 

instagram: @hanna.sculpture

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My multidisciplinary installations are comprised of figurative sculptures, objects retrieved from domestic spaces, projected video, and ambient sound to create a fragmented space that reflects a psychological space. 

I'm interested in what can be communicated through the figure’s absence just as I am interested in what can be communicated through its presence, or partial presence. In my work, the figure acts as a stand-in, an alter, or a substitute body. I project myself onto it and strive to animate it through its arrangement, rearrangement, and its situation in a setting or environment. In my most recent works I explore the use of time-based media to speak to the interiority of the human experience. The video becomes the psychological as it is projected onto the surface of the fragmented figures. Often interrupted by object barriers, such as window blinds and box springs, the projected images become disrupted and altered within their deconstructed environments. 

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